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Personal Challenges

Have you got a personal goal you’d like to achieve? Prehaps you’ve always wanted to learn a skill or give up a bad habit. Choose the challenge that suits you.

Physical Challenges

Let’s get physical!  Why not pledge to walk to work or swim 3 times a week? You don’t have to be running marathons to make a pledge and become a hero.

Fundraising Challenges

Set yourself a fundraising target of £50 or more, you can raise funds however you like. Why not organise a bake sale or a dress down day at work or school?

What is haemochromatosis?

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Become a Hero and make a real difference

Making a pledge and sharing your story will get people talking about haemochromatosis. 1 in 200 Northern European people could be affected by GH so the more people that hear about it, the better. There are many people unaware they are suffering from Iron Overload, hearing about haemochromatosis could save their lives. 

Your initial pledge will go towards supporting the work of the charity, If you want to suport us further you could ask your friends and families to sponsor your challenge. Setting up a fundraiser through facebook or JustGiving is quick and easy and every penny really does make a difference to what we can achieve.  

With your support we can continue to…

Run our helpline

Your support will help us run our patient helpline. The helpline is manned by volunteers with haemochromatosis and is a vital source of information and support to patients.

Run our Facebook support group

Offering advice, group support and friendship our open Facebook group is indispensable to many of the people that use it.

Provide free hospital packs

We send packs of information leaflets, posters and venesection diaries to hundereds of hospitals around the country. They are then distributed to newly diagnosed patients and provide valuable information when it is needed most.

Push for better care and diagnosis of haemochromatosis

Haemochromatosis UK have been instrumental in the formation of an All Party Parlimentary Group specifically for Haemochromatosis and we continue to fight to move GH up the national agenda.

Why become a Haemochromatosis Hero?

Your support is vital

Haemochromatosis is treatable and if diagnosed early many of the worst symptoms can be avoided, however many people are forced to live with chronic pain and poor health as a result of this common genetic condition.
Haemochromatosis UK are working hard to improve knowledge amoungst the healthcare community and the general public, but we need your help. Even though diagnosis and treatment is improving, undiagnosed patients and those diagnosed late still suffer terrible symptoms and even death. 

Better together…

Anyone can become a Haemochromatosis Hero


Because you choose the challenge, anyone can take part. Open to ages 1-101 and everywhere in between. Why not challenge the kids to go screen free?!


You could get your workplace involved. Anything from a day without coffee to a fancy dress friday could count as a challenge


Ask your friends to support HUK by making a pledge or do something as a group! Getting friends involved will help you stay motivated and spread extra awareness.


Have you got a fantastic venesection team at the hospital you attend? Why not get them involved and ask them to make a pledge.

What we do to support you

When you make a pledge, we’ll list you in our pledges section and with your permission share your story on social media. We’ll also send you the link to our awesome pledge pack to help you track your progress and let people know about your challenge. When you’ve completed your challenge we’ll send you an exclusive Haemochromatosis Hero medal to recognise your commitment and achievement! If you complete one of each kind of challenge you’ll also recieve a display frame to show off your set of medals.

Meet the Heroes

i pledge To learn something new every day that I can do with my multitude of overpriced underutilised devices. my friends always describe me as ‘having all the gear but no idea’. 

Corrina T

I pledge to raise £100. by pinning people to chairs and subjecting them to me singing and playing guitar.  

Lisa F

I am going to do couch to 5k, a big one for me as I don’t think I could even run to the end of my road, plus only being able to see properly a few metres in front of me will make it even more of challenge!

Katharine H

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