Author: Heroes


Saran will complete the Great North Swim in June and has pledged to raise at least £250 for Haemochromatosis UK.

Danielle M

Dani will be donating her profits from her cake business for the month of March.

Roseanna B

I will reduce my carbon footprint by 25% as calculated by  by the end of January 2019

Michelle W

In 2019 I pledge to learn to learn to play the guitar

Michelle W

In 2019 I pledge to learn basic Conversational Spanish by the end of the year.

Corrina T

My personal pledge is: To learn something new every day that I can with  my multitude of overpriced underutilised tech devices    

Corrina T

My physical pledge is: To walk 75 miles throughout January

Lisa F

I pledge to raise £100 by pinning people to chairs and subjecting them to listening to me sing and play guitar this will be done by Feb 20th

Katharine H

I am going to try and do couch to 5k, a big one for me as I don’t think I could even run to the end of my road, plus only being able to see properly a few metres in front of me will make it even more of a physical and mental challenge!

Katharine H

I want to get my PRINCE2 qualification by next summer, which I am hoping to start it in January