frequently asked questions

in this section you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions, if you have a question that is not answered here please get in touch with us at heroes@haemochromatosis.org.uk

How do I make a pledge?

Simply choose your own challenge and then go to our sign up section and use the sign up form. you will be asked to make a £10 donation for the personal and physical challenges.

Do I have to have haemochromatosis to take part?

No. Haemochromatosis heroes is open to everyone and because you set your own challenge. anyone can take part.

when will i recieve my medal?

once you have provided evidence of your completed challenge we’ll send you a confirmation email To let you know we have recieved and processed your completed pledge and the estimated delivery time of your medal. we aim to get the medals out to our heroes as quickly as possible but there may be a slight delay at busy times. 

what kind of evidence do i need to provide to show i’ve completed my challenge?

because each challenge will be individual the evidence you will need to provide will be individual to YOU. the heroes programme is largely based on trust so you can give whatever you feel is appropriate to show you completed your pledge. some examples could be a photo of you doing your challenge, a screenshot of your step counter or an email from a friend of collegue that has witnessed you take part.

do i have to do all three types of challenge? 

No. you can do one type of challenge or two or all three, its completely up to you. you get a new medal for each challenge you complete. you must sign up separately for each challenge.

can one pledge count in more than one category?

some types of pledge will crossover between the categories. for example you might choose to raise funds while comlpeting a physical challenge. you can only be awarded one medal per pledge so please choose the most appropirate option for ‘pledge type’ when completing the sign up form.

do i have to make my pledge public?

Not at all. if you want to keep your plege private simply let us know on the sign up form. we will never share any information about you unless you give us permission.

is my challenge hard enough?

Yes! whatever you choose as your personal goal is a great haemochroatosis heroes challenge. small goals are just as important and you’ll be supporting haemochromatosis uk regardless of the difficulty of your pledge.