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set your own challenges, and pledge to us. Your challenge can be as simple or as tough as you wish.

You can make a pledge in any or all of three categories:
A physical goal, eg “I will walk to work every day for the next month”
A personal goal, eg “I will give up smoking”, “learn to speak French”
A fundraising goal of £50 or more, eg “I will organise a school dress down day for HUK”

register your pledge and challenge online, and you will be asked to donate £10 (for the physical and personal challenges). With your permission we will let others know about your pledge through social media, the current pledges section of this site and our members magazine.

 Once you have completed your challenge, lets us know and provide some evidence. Then we will send you your exclusive haemochromatosis Heroes medal. take on a challenge from all three categories to earn the complete set of medals and the heroes display case.

Get involved using #HeroPledge
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Personal Challenge

Do you have a personal challenge you would like to complete,  why not make a pledge to Us  today?

Physical Challenge

Do you fancy taking on a Physical challenge in aid of Haemochromatosis UK? Make you pledge today!

Fundraising Challenge

Set yourself the challenge to raise £50 or more for HUK


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Make a pledge

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Absolutely anyone can become a haemochromatosis hero, so show your support by making a pledge today. your efforts will help spread awareness of this common genetic disorder and your contribution will help us continue to support and work for people with haemochromatosis.