Personal challenges

Have you got a personal challenge you’ve been meaning to tackle for a while?

We all have things we’d like to achieve, big or small. Maybe you want to eat more healthily or break a bad habit. Well why not make a pledge to Haemochromatosis UK and you can become a Hero while achieving your goals. 

You promise to do something over a set period of time that will present a challenge but result in a positive change. Some examples are, drink no alcohol for a month, no moaning on Mondays, read three books a month, go social media free week or quit smoking.

Personal challenges can be anything.
You can choose one specific to you.

How about giving up chocolate, or taking a pack lunch to work instead of hitting the cafe. You could learn a skill or improve on an existing one, anything that you feel presents a challenge.  When you make a pledge you’ll be asked to give a £10 donation to HUK, in return we’ll keep you motivated and share your story (with your permission) and when you complete your challenge we’ll send you out an exclusive Haemochromatosis Hero medal. 

So what’s stopping you? Make your pledge today